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A project of Autism Rights Watch against censorship in France

This is the support statement received from Professor Tony Attwood in reaction to the documentary “The Wall or psychoanalysis put to the test for autism” by Sophie Robert depicting the use of psychoanalysis in autism in France.

Tony is the author of “The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome”

  • Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Surrey
  • Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Hull
  • PhD from the University of London


Thank you so much for your email and link to the YouTube sections from the documentary on the psychoanalytical approach to autism and Asperger’s syndrome in France. I am slowly going through the movies as I think they are so important and my own clinical opinion is that psychoanalysis is actually dangerous for children with autism but also their parents, especially the child’s mother.

I return to France every two years and will be back in Paris in early June next year. When I present information on alternative approaches, I do know that parents are often quite stunned that there is an alternative approach and some of the professionals have great difficulty comprehending that there is an alternative and I would say, more effective, approach.

Do pass on to the law firms that are preparing a legal argument that I would like to offer my support to them as I think this is so important for French families and especially for the children.

Thank you so much for sending the links to the YouTube videos.

Best Wishes


Professor Tony Attwood
Tel: +61 (0)7 3285 7888

admin On November - 30 - 2011

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