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A project of Autism Rights Watch against censorship in France

This is a translation of the communique released by Autistes Sans Frontières on February 4th, 2012.

The Court censors the film “The Wall”
and gives psychoanalysts the opportunity
to continue to deny the evidence of the inadequacy of their speech

Following the conviction by the court of the documentary “The Wall or psychoanalysis put to the test for autism” directed by Sophie Robert, the non-profit organization Autistes Sans Frontières is no longer allowed to broadcast the film on its website.

Autistes Sans Frontières is outraged by this censorship. We believe that the work of Sophie Robert illustrates perfectly the inadequacy of psychoanalytic theories in the treatment of autism and has revealed, finally, the existing health scandal in this pathology in France.

By solidarity with the 600,000 families affected by autism in our country, our non-profit organization announces that it will attempt to support and to broadcast the documentary of Sophie Robert as much as possible.

Our organization also wishes to remind that only three of the psychoanalysts interviewed have taken legal action, while most have never denied their statements, many of whom said, on the contrary, that they were agreeing with the words as displayed.

Autistes Sans Frontières reminds that psychoanalysis has been abandonned in Autism in most Western countries, for over 20 years, in favor of educational and behavioral methods that have evidenced their effectiveness.

The organization also reminds that the definition provided by the Health Authority in January 2010, introduced pervasive developmental disorders in the definition of Autism, bringing this disorder out of psychosis. As a result, autism should no longer be in the realm of psychoanalysis. ASF also reminds that the use of methods inspired by psychoanalysis is not recommended by any scientific good practices guide abroad.

The organization supports the appeal that Sophie Robert has decided to introduce and will, in consultation with the documentary filmmaker, work on the follow-up of this case.

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