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Henry Bond, is an English writer, photographer and visual artist, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. More surprising, he is a scholar who made contribution to theoretical psychoanalysis and forensics with his book Lacan at the Scene, Published at MIT Press in 2009 in which he analyzes forensics pictures in a lacanian framework.

On April 16, 2012, Henry Bond offered his insight on autism and psychoanalysis in the british newspaper “The Guardian“, following the article earlier this month on the BBC.

Henry Bond first explain his emotional reaction to the film of Sophie Robert “The Wall” and how lacanians look so cruel: “The reaction I had to the film is probably quite standard: smiling disbelief, then long sighs and then the tears come. [...] The film has had one immediate and probably irreversible effect: the demonisation of psychoanalysis in France. In particular, Lacanian psychoanalysts are now seen by many as cruel, pompous buffoons.

He goes on acknowledging that psychoanalysis may not be the right tool: “This explanation also implies that such a deeply intellectual position is really not going to be useful to little Jean, who at age six is not yet speaking and doesn’t play with others. It is likely that Robert’s documentary will change France’s attitude to psychoanalysis forever and herald moves to a system of care similar to what is on offer in the UK which focuses on quantifiable goals and outcomes.”

Yet, Henry Bonds questions the ethics of the investment in medical research that want to achieve pre-natal autism screening and the question of freedom from social codes: “being born is already socially coded. And how must a newborn child respond to life in this world? Is that to be socially coded too? Does the autistic child have a right to silence?”

However, Henry Bond probably misses the point that absolute freedom does not exist. Social codes are everywhere as we are socially constructed from birth by culture. Thus, the question of autism is a question of education, not a problem in the pure intellect realm on a blank sheet of paper.


Read Henry Bond’s article: “What autism can teach us about psychoanalysis”












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