Support The Wall – Le Mur

A project of Autism Rights Watch against censorship in France


ShareThe week of Feb. 6 to Feb. 12, 2012 was mostly a European-centered week for “Support The Wall – Autism” and its sister organization “Collectif Soutenons Le Mur”. The NGO Reporters Without Borders issued a statement supporting Sophie Robert and considered that the court ruling is threatening documentary filmmaking in France”. The French Prime Minister organized a meeting with the French autism organizations to launch officially the “Grande Cause Nationale” P.R. campaign. He expressed the desire to launch a new […]

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ShareThe week of January 23rd to January 29th 2012 can be regarded as a landmark week for “Support the Wall – Autism”. Following the articles published in the New York Times and in the International Herald Tribune, this week confirmed the interest of the global autism community for the story of the film “The Wall” and more largely the issues faced by autism in France. Jan. 24, 2012 “Support The Wall – Autism” and “Collectif Soutenons Le Mur” release funny […]

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Share You will find below the material distributed at our Press Conference in New York City on Jan. 26th 2012. Both files are in PDF format. These documents contain the speech of Sophie Robert (beside her reaction to the court decision) and the background information on Autism in France provided by David Heurtevent The presentation The media kit

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Share      OFFICIAL – Support The Wall, Twitter : @SoutenonsLeMur Re: Press Conference of Sophie Robert & David Heurtevent to be held in English in Manhattan, New York City (NY, USA) on Thursday January 26, 2012 à 3 PM EVENT Date: Jan. 26, 2012 Schedule: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM – Eastern (New York time) English Press conference by: Sophie Robert, filmmaker of “The Wall: Psychoanalysis put to the test for autism” David Heurtevent, co-founder of “Support the […]

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Share OFFICIAL – Support The Wall, Twitter : @SoutenonsLeMur Re: Confirmation – Sophie Robert to show her film “The Wall” in Philadelphia (PA, USA) on Jan 27, 2012 EVENT Sophie Robert will show a version of her film “The Wall: Psychoanalysis put to the test for autism” at the “2012 Autism Conference” Date: Jan. 27, 2012 Schedule: 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM – Eastern Location: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market Street , Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA Map: DETAIL […]

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ShareDuring the week of January 16th to 22nd 2012, the campaign took a really international turn. International reactions January 17th, 2012 The autism community website, Wrongplanet, publishes a statement of David Heurtevent, co-founder of “Support the Wall: Autism”. The article goes somewhat viral. Within hours, it reaches 7000 views. In English: January 19th, 2012 The global edition of the New York Times publishes a landmark article titled “A French Film Takes Issue With the Psychoanalytic Approach to Autism”. In […]

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ShareThe Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism, an acclaimed blog run by parents and self-advocates, published on January 20th 2012 an essay of David Heurtevent, the spokesperson and co-founder of “Support The Wall – Autism”. This long post titled “A Culture of Abuse: Autism Care in France” details some issues (lack of access to education, use of psychoanalysis, packing) and some human rights violations observed in Autism in France. It also explores some piece of evidence supporting these facts. “Many of […]

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wrong planet

ShareWrongplanet, probably the word largest autism community website (more than 62,000 members), published on January 17th 2012 an interview of David Heurtevent, spokesperson and co-founder of “Support the Wall – Autism”. This article titled “Autism in France: Psychoanalysis, Packing, and Other Travesties: Why it Matters” describes the human rights concerns in Autism in France. It addresses three questions : Why is Freedom of Speech under attack in Autism in France? Why is Autism in dire situation in France? Is there […]

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ShareUpdated: Jan 23, 2012 January 9th 2012 A new video surfaces on the russian website Rutube. This video made in 1998 by CNAM is used apparently for teaching purposes in France. It shows Bernard Golse, one of the psychiatrists interviewed in “The Wall” putting blame on the parents for the autism of a child. It goes contrary to what Bernard Golse declared previously regarding the fact the Sophie Robert would have manipulated his real opinions on the origins of autism. […]

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ShareThis article on packing was published originally in French on the “Soutenons Le Mur” website on January 11th 2012. Translation: Karen Wilshin This Q&A article attempts to explain the practice of “Packing”, the technique for wrapping children with autism in cold, wet sheets, why it’s a problem, what’s being done to stop it and what’s blocking progress. Written by Olivier Bousquet and David Heurtevent, it gives an introduction to the practice. For more detail, you can read the full article […]

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