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ShareThe comments of Dr. Hervé Bokobza, founder of the “Collectif des 39″ (39 Collective) in l’Express magazine have caused an outcry in the world of autism in France. On March 20, 2012, many people were quick to condemn and correct his remarks. In particular, Olivia Cattan, mother of a child with PDD and President of Paroles de Femmes, and Sophie Robert, director of the film “Le Mur” (“The Wall”) replied on the l’Express website. Olivia Cattan and Sophie Robert: “I […]

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ShareThe debate on the origins of autism started heating up in Ireland after an article of Dr. Tony Humphreys in the print edition of the “Irish Examiner” of Feb. 3, 2012, which cited Dr. Sami Timimi stating that “there is no such thing as autism and the label should be abolished”. Immediately, parents and scholars reacted strongly. Since, the newspapers has started a damage control operation. Dr Tony Humphreys and Dr Sammi Timimi have offered some apologies on Feb.9 2012. […]

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ShareWe are relaying a translation of an official statement made by Sophie Robert, the author of the documentary “The Wall: psychoanalysis put to the test for autism”. This statement was first released in French on Dec 21st on her official website. —- Complete translation thanks to Carole Contaut An answer to Laurent Danon-Boileau By Sophie Robert During the interview, in the now famous passage of the soap bubble, M. Danon-Boileau was telling me about an exchange that he had with […]

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ShareTom Naegels, the Ombudsman of the Dutch speaking Belgian newspaper spoke out on Dec. 14th 2011 on the strong debate started by the article of Joël De Ceulaer on the 3rd in the same newspaper. In his article titled “De waarheid als overtuiging” (“Truth as a belief”), Tom Naegels regards the debate as an “hornet’s nest” and concludes that the first article was not “good enough”. We should note the intervention of Jacques Riley, Emeritus Professor, at UCL who compared […]

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ShareAutisme France has issued on Nov. 25th 2011 a 7-pages public statement on the film “Le Mur”/”The Wall” of Sophie Robert written by their president Danièle Langloys, dans l’affaire du film « Le Mur » de Sophie Robert. Autisme France is a federation created in 1989 that regroups more than 10,000 families and 130 partners or affiliated organizations. Autisme France reminds that psychoanalysis does not have a place in autisme and a democratic debate is necessary. You can download the […]

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